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    Concrete Leveling and Repair: Experience the Lift Rite Difference!

    Safety is paramount, and at Lift Rite Leveling, we understand the crucial role that well-maintained & level concrete surfaces play in ensuring your home’s safety. From your driveway to your patio, these areas can become hazardous when not given the proper attention. We offer comprehensive concrete leveling and concrete lifting services from Fenton to Freeland and the surrounding areas, aimed at securing your safety and boosting your home’s aesthetics.

    Don’t let sinking and cracked concrete lower your home’s value and safety. We specialize in concrete leveling, providing top-notch concrete repair services that will restore your home’s surfaces to their original glory. Utilizing the best quality concrete filler and concrete void filler, we ensure a flawless finish that guarantees durability and appeal. We’re here to provide a solution that stands the test of time.

    Should you choose to change the type of service for your home, you can save up to 60% over replacement, granting you flexibility when it comes to how much you spend on our services.

    Concrete Leveling and Repair Labeer MI

    Your Safety is One Call Away

    Don’t wait for small cracks to become big problems. When it comes to home maintenance, it’s always best to be proactive. Small cracks and issues might seem minor now, but they can quickly turn into larger, more expensive problems if they’re not addressed promptly. Keeping your home safe and sound should be a priority, and the best way to do that is to call in a professional as soon as you notice an issue.

    Experience the difference with our top-quality lifting and leveling solutions for sunken concrete. Here’s why our method stands out:

    Quality: Lift Rite Leveling uses engineered high-density polyurethane foam to lift and level your sunken concrete. Similar to traditional mudjacking, our concrete foam lifting technique is the best solution for leveling sinking concrete.


    • Lightweight
    • Waterproof
    • High density
    • Longevity
    • Save up to 60% over replacement
    • Lift and level your concrete
    • We raise sunken concrete
    • A faster, easier, and cost-effective option than the replacement of your concrete

    Contact Lift Rite Leveling today for top-quality concrete services in Lapeer, MI. Start the journey towards a safer, more beautiful home with us and save up to 60% over replacement!

    Save up to 60% over replacement

    Our Full Range of Services

    Concrete Leveling & Lifting Labeer MI
    Concrete Leveling & Lifting

    Improve the safety and aesthetics of your property with our comprehensive concrete leveling services. Concrete leveling and lifting are essential procedures that rectify uneven and sunken concrete surfaces. Our team applies advanced methods like concrete lifting and the use of high-quality concrete leveler to raise sunken concrete slabs effectively. Rest assured, our services aim at offering you a durable and well-leveled concrete surface.

    Trip Hazard Removal Labeer MI
    Trip Hazard Removal

    Lift Rite Leveling is dedicated to preserving the safety of your home and surroundings through our specialized concrete repair services. Trip hazards can cause unwanted accidents, and removing them effectively reduces liability exposure. Our team excels at identifying and rectifying uneven concrete, employing cement leveler and other techniques to provide a smooth and safe surface. Trust us to safeguard your property from potential trip hazards.

    Stabilization Labeer MI

    Protect your concrete structures from future damage with our superior concrete filler services. Our stabilization services involve filling cavities and washouts, preventing any further sinking of concrete. We apply cement stabilization techniques to enhance soil properties and provide a firm foundation for construction. Our preventive action plan guarantees long-lasting stability for your concrete structures.

    Void Filling Labeer MI
    Void Filling

    Lift Rite Leveling provides expert concrete void filler services to tackle hollow areas under the concrete. Filling voids is crucial to prevent instability, sinking, and further damage to your concrete surfaces. We use techniques like concrete void filling foam to fill washouts under the concrete effectively. Let us provide a solid base for your property, ensuring a safe and durable surface.

    Areas We Serve

    We proudly serve various locations in and near Lapeer, MI, offering our services to clients in different areas. Discover if we operate in your region.

    Concrete Leveling & Lifting provider Labeer MI

    Trusted Concrete Services in Lapeer, MI

    In the heart of Lapeer, MI, where quality and durability are paramount, Lift Rite Leveling stands tall as the go-to provider for all your concrete needs. Whether it’s the harsh Michigan winters or the heavy traffic of a growing city, our comprehensive concrete services are vital for maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of your property.

    With our skilled team and cutting-edge techniques, we specialize in concrete leveling, concrete repair services, and concrete filler to tackle the unique challenges of this vibrant city. Don’t hesitate to elevate the safety and beauty of your surroundings with us.

    Discover the Difference Of Ours Services

    Lapeer, MI, residents, and businesses expect nothing less than excellence, and Lift Rite Leveling delivers precisely that. We’re not just offering concrete services; we’re enhancing the strength and appeal of your properties, contributing to the well-being of the entire Lapeer, MI, community.

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    Elevate Your Property With Us

    Our commitment goes beyond the surface. From residential foundations to commercial concrete structures, we ensure every corner of Lapeer, MI, stands strong and beautiful because we believe in the power of sturdy foundations. Experience the difference in concrete services with our dedicated team, ensuring precision and quality with every project.